Santa Eulalia del Río · Cala Martina

Casa Fantástica is a translation of the authentic Ibiza architecture to a modern, striking shape. The white plastered facade stands out on the rock and
creates a conspicuous combination with the blues of the sky and the sea. The sea view was most important in this design. The first floor is entirely
oriented to the sea, where the minimal sliding doors connect the interior to outdoor experience. Away from the hustle and bustle, but near enough to the high life of Ibiza we’ve got the spot for your dream villa at Punta Arabi. In the North-East region of the island this plot of land borders on a free range of coastal land with an unequaled view of the Mediterranean and the rocky coastline. No building is possible to the south of the property, ensuring a wide view of the natural coastline and sea. 

The licensce is approved and ready to start the construction! 

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